Vertical Slurry Pump
  • Description

    Amostech manufactures high performance centrifugal vertical slurry pumps.

    These pumps are shaft driven, and designed to transfer large particles and slurries from pits, sums, tanks, and other submersible pump applications.

    Our vertical slurry pumps require no shaft sealing or priming. Also, it has some distinct features like non-submerged bearing design and high pulp densities.

    The versatile features and excellent performance of vertical slurry pumps offer high wear resistance. From managing slurries to abrasive and corrosive liquids, vertical slurry pumps can provide the most reliable and durable performance.

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Available Materials
Pump Design Features

Cantilever Shaft:
The cantilevered shaft of vertical slurry pumps is up to 2400mm long. That means zero requirements of shaft sealing and no contact between the drive end bearings and pumped products. This increases durability and decreases bearing failure effectively.

The pump impeller is designed with open 5-vane top suction that allows the pump to handle large solids easily. Various metal and rubber impellers are available for installation.

Bearing Assembly:
The bearing assembly is well lubricated with grease and sealed with V-seals and labyrinth. The upper and lower bearings are grease-purged. And, on the drive and non-drive end bearing, taper roller bearings are used.

Heavy-duty Wet End:
27% chrome white iron or rubber-coated steels are used to manufacture the wet end components. It significantly reduces wear, corrosion and increases service life.
The heavy-duty design of the pump and impeller allows the pumps to transfer large amounts of slurry without any blockage, which makes it perfect for heavy industries like mining, construction and industrial applications.

Column and Discharge Pipes:
Different column and discharge pipes are designed to match every requirement of the operators. Standard material for column and discharge pipes are mild steel, composite, and rubber lined mild steel.

Multiple Drive Options:
Vertical slurry pumps have versatile drive options. They can be belt-driven using set speed or variable speed operation. Also, they are driven directly using electric motors.

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