Submersible sewage pump
  • Description

    Amostech manufactures high-performance electric submersible sewage pumps.

    These submersible sewage pump casing and base are built with cast iron which makes it extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

    Our submersible sewage pumps are suitable for pumping wastewater, rainwater and sewage water and mainly used in fields like municipal works, industrial works, hotels, hospitals, aerial defense engineering facilities, mining sites etc. The high corrosive resistant feature makes it suitable for safely transporting water with corrosive mediums.

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Available Materials
Pump Design Features

High Endurance :
Can run nonstop for more than 8000 hours.

Pump Protection:
Test leads in the sealed oil room with high accuracy anti-interference feature.

Power Surge Protection :
Pump and switchboard are placed side-by-side for automatic protection from a water leak and power surge.

Automatic Coupling :
Guide rails are available for easy installation and maintenance.

Automatic Pump Control:
Floater switch controls the pump with respect to change in water depth without any human involvement.

Cooling water jacket:
Submersible Sewage pump can work in dry mode when the cooling water jacket is applied.

Two Installation Options:
A fixed-style auto coupling installing system or a removing-style free installing system is available for installation.

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