Submersible Dewatering Pump
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    Amostech manufactures wide range of submersible dewatering pumps that are specially designed with high wear-resistant components and mechanical seals to withstand severe corrosive and heavy duty applications.

    We performed field tests in different marine construction projects under severe conditions and applied that obtained knowledge in developing submersible seawater resistant pumps.

    Our pumps have unique thermal overheating protection system which prevents the motor from getting damaged during long work-hours.

    Amostech submersible dewatering pumps are an excellent solution for removing groundwater or surface water from riverbeds, construction sites, mining sites, tunnels, industrial sites etc.

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Available Materials
Pump Design Features

Watertight Cable Entry:
Cable entry section is watertight with an anti-wicking block. It prevents water from entering into the motor chamber.

Thermal Protector:
The motor has a built-in thermal protector which prevents the motor from overheating.

Wear Resistant Material:
The motor casing and the impellers are made with high wear-resistance and corrosion-resistant cast iron and chrome alloy, which makes it extra durable in the long run.

Submersible Motor:
The motor is submerged in water, that means, maximum energy goes towards forcing the water out from the outlet. It increases efficiency and effectiveness of the pump. Also, a submersible motor conforms to Class-F insulation.

Mechanical Seal:
The motor is sealed with a double mechanical seal which prevents water from leaking to the motor and internally damaging it.

Ball Bearing:
High-quality ball bearings are well balanced and provide smooth pumping operations and increased wear-resistance.

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