Horizontal Slurry Pump
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    Amostech manufactures high-performance horizontal slurry pumps. Our horizontal slurry Pumps are designed with advanced hydraulic and wear-resistant technologies that ensure a perfect pumping solution for severe corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These pumps are engineered for efficiency and durability. The unique features and innovative designs of horizontal slurry pumps reduce the operational costs significantly. We offers wide categories of horizontal slurry pumps that handle different types of corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These are: • Ceramics Slurry pump • High Chrome Slurry Pump • Rubber Slurry Pump • Polyurethane Slurry Pump.

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Available Materials
Pump Design Features

Fully Interchangeable Impellers:
Highly efficient chrome-alloy and nature rubber impellers are interchangeable for various applications.

Replaceable Liner:
The high chrome alloy and natural rubber liners are easily interchangeable. These easily replaceable liners are bolted to the casing for positive attachment and easy maintenance.

Long Bearing Life:
The large diameter shaft and short overhang contribute to reducing deflection. It also increases the bearing life and holds the housing in a frame with just four through bolts.

Durable Pump Casing:
Pump casings are made with externally durable ductile iron and cast iron, which offers extra safety and high operating pressure capabilities.

Robust Frame:
The robust one-piece frame holds the shaft assembly and bearings together. An external mechanism is fitted below the bearing house for easy adjustments of impellers.

Sealing Options:
Amostech horizontal slurry pumps offer a wide range of sealing options like packing seal, mechanical seal, and expeller seal.

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