Dredging Pump
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    We produces a wide range of high-performance centrifugal dredging pumps. These single-stage single-suction pumps are extremely lightweight, wear and corrosion-resistant and provide high dredging capabilities. It also offers a large flow channel and large flow capacity. The flow capacity and the pump head are easily adjustable by changing the impeller diameter and pump speed. The advanced hydrologic system in Amostech dredging pumps makes it 2-3% more efficient than other sand dredging pumps.

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Available Materials
Pump Design Features

Our dredging pumps are fitted with a gearbox which helps the motor to transfer energy efficiently through the shaft. It saves space, reduces cost but also increases efficiency.

Wear-Resistant Material:
The wet part of the pumps are made with high anti-wearing and anti-corrosion high chromium alloy. (A05, A07, A33, A49)

Low NPSHr:
Amostech dredging pumps feature low NPSHr, that provides better suction and deep dredging capabilities.

Reliable Structure:
Robust structure of the pumps provides steady operation with low vibrations and noise.

Leakage-Proof design:
Our dredging pumps provide excellent shaft seal and prevent leakage.

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